Our credibility is based on the fact that we always respect the laws, safeguard our independency and operate in a transparent way. We believe this is the key to gain real trust of the people living at the settlement, our volunteers and our supporters.

Our goals can only be achieved in the long run, where transparent, reliable and stable operation is essential.  

The Supervisory Board of the Association audits our finances. Our achievements are public, and our public benefit reports and financial reports are available to anyone.

We only accept donations from companies and individuals, our operation is independent from political parties. Our supporters may access the association’s official documents at the office of Bagázs (scheduled appointments only). Please call +36 70 886 4103 on weekdays from 9am to 5pm for appointments.

Our complaints handling policy has been designed to ensure transparency. In case of detected irregularities, we take immediate steps to resolve and correct them.